Closing the season was held in the Polish Davos. Interesting places we went willingly on a long journey. We rode quietly, because we were traveling all day Friday. In the evening we arrived at the place, was going to be good, the weather was nice. On site we were greeted by snow, but the roads were black. We made a reconnaissance of the area. Rozlokowaliśmy at the – one of the more wypasionych in Krynica.

Eagerly took advantage of the SPA in particular, with a steam bath. After regenerating went to the bar, where the ball before miniacy. It turned out, that they have moved somewhere. We ordered a drink after – ja zaryzykowałam cosmo 🙂
On Saturday, the collection and we set off on the main boulevard near the pump room. The weather was great – The sun shone. We parked the car and a place of honor with a guide, we went to explore the city. Home Nikifor, Kiepura, pump-room. We were shocked by the appearance of the town Mack, looked terrible “komunistycznie”. These storefronts have not seen since childhood, type signs and other interesting jarzyniak native of PRL. I do not know what miracle is held here summits and meetings of presidents.

The time off we went in search of local delicacies. We went to a bar hunting. We ordered the sauerkraut, dumplings with sheep cheese and stewed cabbage. 've Never eaten anything better. Dumplings melted in the mouth – Now I got to know the meaning of these words. Heaven in my mouth. Satisfied and nourished we went back to cars. We returned to the hotel. We visited a steam room and swimming pool. In the evening we drove buses for a bonfire and party. Pretty solidly prepared for the rally was a pleasant ending. As usual at such events was handed out six awards and burn the diploma but I regret to say, that we have been hurt. The tradition of awarding prizes for the arrival of the farthest places (longest). The prize got a Falcon – Mazur came from only snag in this, that train. We overcame the longest route Miniakiem!
The next day, waking up.
We saw the appalling sight. Half a meter of snow. We were inundated. Very worried about the way. We left, proved to be, the roads are black. When entering the paid section of the highway car started “rave” despite holding the gas pedal was going slower and slower. You basically ceased gates to go but fortunately came to the station exit, I turned him and the car went out. Could not launch it anymore.
Dopchaliśmy him to the parking lot and began to nerves. Maciek beside himself. For the unloaded his cell and had no contact. Wojtek Fortunately he gave me his business card, I called him he handed me a cell to Luper and Adam T. Adam came to the rally Skoda and has not yet gone on his way back. If you have to help us, possibly take us home. I am blowing (the toilet, because that's where I connected to the current) Maciek buried in the car. Luper suggested the thought, it zamoknięte electric cables (bryzgały terribly muddy car pośniegowym). His diagnosis was correct. Maciek hid inside the grill with cardboard beer, some waited until podeschną cables and… auto odpaliło. We came back home without incident. This was the first and last time (I hope, it continues) when we had problems with the car on the route. Luperowi remain eternally grateful for the idea, and indicate the proper direction.